Meditation Apps; Good or Bad

Anyone with a smartphone and has an interest in meditation knows that there are a great many "apps" for meditation available and new ones seem to be showing up all the time. So, is using an app for meditation good or bad? 

The answer, at least from my point of view as a teacher, is "it depends". 

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Wim Hof Method and Meditation

Wim Hof is becoming something of a sensation with his program of breathing techniques, cold exposure, and mental focus. Studies are showing that his method can reduce inflammation, increase immunity, improve mental clarity, etc. 

I've been practicing his method for a few months now. I'm taking his Fundamentals course now and absolutely love it. I find that it is an excellent addition to my daily meditation practice. 

So, how did I get into the Wim Hof method and what has it done for me? 

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Creating a consistent practice

Results in meditation depend upon a consistent practice. Just like anything else, consistency is the key. You can't go to the gym once or twice a month and see fitness gains. You can't go outside and run once a week and become a marathon runner. You can't change your diet just one day a week and see any health gains. You have to establish a consistent practice. With meditation, the ideal is to have a daily practice. But for many people this is difficult. 

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"Stoplight" exercise...

Think about a time when you were driving to work. Rush hour traffic wasn't too bad, but you were still wondering if you might be just a few minutes late. Suddenly, a car in the lane next to you, veers into your lane! No turn signal, no warning! You luckily noticed it and hit the brakes hard. No collision, and the reckless driver is now speeding ahead, completely oblivious of the accident he almost caused.

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